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Ashtami Rohini Vallasadya


Ashtami Rohini Vallasadya

A Typical Onam Feast. Onam is a major festival of Kerala.
Another important event is the ''Ashtami Rohini Vallasadya'' (banquet). It is served to the oarsmen of snake boats at the Parthasarthy temple premises and at nearby dining hall and auditorium.
254 vallasadyas were held in 2008 besides the mega feast on Ashtami Rohini. For this mega feast as many as 50,000 people from different parts of the state took part. Rice with 45 side dishes were served at the Sadya on banana leaves including the following side dishes.[2]
Adaprathaman. (Pudding); Aravana payasam. (Pudding made from rice, jaggery and ghee); Aval (flattened rice); Avial (Mixed vegetable curry); Banana chips; Chammanthi powder (Chutney with chillies); Chukku vellum (dried ginger water); Curd; Ellunda (gingelly ball); Fried banana; Ghee; Ginger curry; Holy water from river Pampa; Kaalhen (curry made from curds); Kaalipazham payasam (Pudding made of banana); Kalkandum (Sugar candy); Kadala Prathaman (made of Bengal gram) ; Kychadi (Curry made of rice and gram); Mango curry; Munthiri pachadi (Curry made of grapes); Olen, (mixed curry); Pacchadi (A vegetable curry); Paal payasm (Pudding made of Milk); Pachamoru; Pulisserry (Curry prepared with thick and sour buttermilk); Resam; Red Cheera Thoran (made with a variety of amaranthus); Sambar; Thakara Thoran (Thoran with cassia tora); Unniappam.

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