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Thiruvabharanam is the sacred ornaments of Ayyappan, the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. The ornaments are made of gold. It is believed that these ornaments are made at the orders of the Pandalam King, who adopted Ayyappan as his child.
Thiruvabharanam is kept in the Srampickal Palace of Pandalam, which is close to the Valiyakoikkal Temple, inside the Pandalam Palace premises. A few days before the festive season starts, a procession carrying the holy caskets containing the sacred ornaments proceeds towards Sabarimala around January 12 every year.[1] At around 1 o' clock in the afternoon of the day the sacred procession starts, a brahminy kite, popularly known as Sree Krishna Parunthu, is sighted circling above the temple and seen accompanied with the procession. Devotees believe that this is Vishnu upon Garuda accompanying the Thiruvabharanam from Pandalam to Sabarimala where again the kite is found hovering above the temple.
The royal representative of the King of Pandalam accompanies the procession in a palanquin. On the Makaravilakku day, Ayyappan's idol in Sabarima is adorned with these sacred ornaments. After the festive season, the return procession of the Thiruvabharanam starts from Sabarimala and reaches back Pandalam.
The Thiruvabharanam procession follows the traditional routes through forests, hills, and rivers. A team of representatives (not belonging to the Royal Family) takes the holy caskets on their heads. The procession is accompanied by hundreds of devotees and armed policemen. The procession is warmly welcomed by different associations and temples on the way to Sabarimala and back.
Thiruvanbharanam procession carries three cases or caskets. They are the main Thriuvabharanam box, the Velli Petti and the Kodi Petti. These contain the following:

Box 1

Prabha Mandalam
Valia Churika
Cheria Churika
Aana (Elephant) - 2 (miniature replica)
Kaduva - 1 (miniature replica)
Velli Kettia Valampiri Sankh - 1 (Conch shell with q right hand spiral - Silver covered)
Lakshmi Roopam
Poothattam (A ceremonial plate for carrying flowers)
Navarathna Mothiram (Navarathnam ring)
Sarapoli Mala - Traditional temple necklace
Velakku Mala - Traditional temple necklace
Mani Mal - Traditional temple necklace
Erukkum Poomala - Traditional temple necklace

Box 2

Thaila Kudam for Kalasam
Required Pooja utensils

Box 3

Kodi Petti
Netti Pattom for the elephant
Chattah Idunna Jeevatha
Flags of Talapara and Udampara
Mezhuvatta Kuda

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